Friday, 7 February 2014

Out of shaving cream? Use conditioner instead

Conditioners have moisturizing agents that can actually reduce redness and irritating after shaving

If your face is feeling oily, try blotting with Starbucks napkins

-Coffee filters also work to reduce the appearance of greasiness

Use baby powder as a better alternative to dry shampoo

-Not only will baby powder make your hair less oily, but it'll smell amazing too

For glowing, clear skin, wash your face with baby oil

It may seem counterproductive to wash your face with oil, but this trick actually works 

Leave your shaving cream on your face for at least 5 minutes before shaving

-The shaving cream will help ready the pores and hair for shaving, leaving you with less bumps and irritation! This works on your legs too, of course

Groom your fingernails after you take a shower or bath

Your nails soften up as you bathe, so it'll be easier to clip or trim without resistance 

Brush your teeth in the shower

References from: Diply


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