Tuesday, 25 February 2014

1. Kitchen Island Dresser

2. Crib Turned Bench

3. Changing Table to Potting Table

4. Crib to Craft Table

5. Crib Mattress to Outdoor Escape

6. Crib to Chalkboard Easel

7. Wall Shelf or Wall Basket

8. Crib to a Bench

9. Crib to Front Porch Daybed

10. Crib to Magnet Board

11. DIY Beverage Cart

12. Instagram Display

13. Crib to Toddler Bed

14. Children Desk

15. Magazine Rack

16. Pull Wagon

17. Crib Mattress into a Kids Daybed

18. Crib to Plate Rack

19. Crib to Organizer

20. Crib to Bench

References from: Buzz Inspired


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