Thursday, 27 February 2014

1. Nail polish is a great way to secure screws, buttons, and other things without it being visible.

2. Need to clean your keyboard buttons? 

3. A rubber band stops the door from being entirely closed. This is actually perfect for instances when you need quiet, like a baby's room.

4. Hate cleaning the paintbrush on the side of the can? Use an elastic. 

5. Buttons = earring holders!

6. By using pipe cleaners, you never have to worry about your clothes falling off the hanger ever again.

7. Don't like dirtying your finger or an extra utensil to level a scoop? Attach tape to the container!

8. Have a bunch of grocery bags leftover but don't want to throw them away, creating unnecessary waste? Use an old tissue box as a dispenser.

9. By putting a coffee filter at the bottom, soil won't go through the drainage holes.

10. Use an old suntan bottle to hide all your valuables while keeping it handy.

11. Need a funnel? Plastic bottle. Genius.

12. This is a necessity for people who want to hide their bathroom utensils but keep them organized.

13. Don't have a Styrofoam block? Use a colander instead!

14. Instead of lugging around a big makeup case, use an unused sunglasses carrier to create an on-the-go kit.

15. Leftover spaghetti noodles? Store it in a Pringles can. It's the perfect height, and you can seal it.
References from: Diply


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