Friday, 21 February 2014

1. Upright Kitchen Storage

Use old shampoo bottles to store your utensils and dishtowels

2. Tension Rod Under the Sink

Free up some space by using a tension rod to elevate your spray bottles up and out of the way.

3. Crown Moulding Shoe Rack

A stylish and practical way to clear up some floor space.

4. Magnetic Spice Storage

Relocate your spices to the fridge, rather than valuable cupboard real estate.

5. Towel Racks as Lid Storage

Free up some space and never lose your pot lids again!

6. Bamboo Stick Knife Storage

A safe and compact way to store your kitchen knives.

7. Tissue Box Bag Storage

Upcycle your old tissue boxes and compact your plastic bag supply!

8. Pegboard Jewelry Organizer

Free up a drawer and put your jewelry on display.

9. Magnetic Bobby Pin Storage

This hack solves two problems: finding and storing bobby pins

10. PVC Pipe Hair Dryer Holder

Neatly store your hair appliances out of the way and off the counter

11. Wooden Bungee Organizer

These awesome organizers can store your delicate items up and out of the way

References from: Diply


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