Monday, 24 February 2014

1. Always losing your remote? 

2. Hate when the exposed portion of your cake goes stale or dry? Protect it with bread and toothpicks.

3. The usage of pizza box.

4. Have the sweatiest hands in the world or have no grip whatsoever? 

5. Never have problems fastening your bracelet again. 

6. No tennis ball for #4? Don't sweat it. Grab some duct tape.

7. Never be without a watering can again.

8. Don't deal with Macbook speakers anymore. Amp them up with carefully cut solo cups. 

9. Doritos seasoning: because you can, and it's delicious.

10. For the people who want to carry all their groceries at once. Bring a carabiner with you. Problem solved.

11. Stop individually slicing grapes and cherry tomatoes, and do this!

12. Hate cereal dust (for some odd reason)? Throw your cereal in a colander.

13. Too lazy to make grilled cheese the traditional way? 

14. No corkscrew? Use a SCREW. Do not use a nail because it'll just come out.

References from: Diply


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