Thursday, 3 April 2014

1. How to tuck in jeans that aren't skinny into boots

2. Unshrink your shrunken clothes!

3. Double the layers, it's more slimming

4. Choose different necklaces for different necklines

5. Use baby wipes to remove deodorant stains

6. Fold your shirts the right, space-saving way

7. Stretch your shoes in the freezer!

8. Repurpose an old sweater 

9. Wear a belt many different ways

10. How to make your tees feel soft

11. How to fold your delicate lingerie

12. Spray your leggings and tights with hairspray so they don't run

13. Use ice to remove chewing gum from clothes

14. Pair lace tights under ripped jeans

15. Repair a bra with Moleskin

16. Brighten up leather boots and remove water stains

17. Use white wine to remove red wine stains.

18. Hang clothes 10x faster than you do

19. Hang your pants like a professional

20. Remove balls of lint with a sponge

References from: Diply


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