Wednesday, 23 April 2014

1. Use Google as a Timer.

2. Place magnets under your desk. It makes for a great place to have your metal objects easily accessible.

3. Use a Bread Tab to Find the End of the Tape

4. Use an old cassette case as a nifty iPod or iPhone holder.

5. A spice rack makes for perfect storage of small office supplies.

6. A quick and easy hanger for your headphones.

7. Color code cords with colored tape. Bonus: You can write on them.

8. A spring is great for keeping papers organized.

9. Dirty keyboard? Clear tape is the answer.

10. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

11. Have a hard time staying focused? Try StayFocusd. It’s a life changer.

12. Add a pocket to your tie for more storage.

13. Binder Clips and Bucky Cubes can hold almost anything.

14. A quick and simple solution to avoid stale coffee.

15. Hang a basket under your desk to keep cords off the floor (away from legs, vacuums, etc). It also looks better.

References from: Buzz Feed


  1. Karl Pilkington was right about the pocket tie...


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