Wednesday, 30 April 2014

1. Foam Floor Tiles

Hate the hard, uneven surface of the earth? Foam floor tiles are an affordable way to make it a bit more comfortable, improving your camping experience.

2. Mountain Dew Lantern

Mountain Dew + baking soda + peroxide = lantern. 

3. Natural Tick Deterrent

4. Sandpaper For Matchsticks

Making your own matchstick holder? Add sandpaper to the top of it. With strike-anywhere matches, you'll have a refillable matchstick holder.

5. Toilet Paper Holder

Have a leftover coffee can? You can repurpose it into a TP protector.

6. Seat Hammocks

Have your car near your campsite? Make sure to get these, which you can buy here.

7. Travel Coffee Bags

With some dental floss and coffee filters, you can have coffee. You just use it just like you'd use a teabag.

8. Portable Coffee Pouches

Don't like the above? No problem. Just grab one of these. Starbucks' VIA is actually incredibly good for instant coffee while Java Juice, which is a little mellower, tends to be smoother. 

9. Single-Serving Soap

By using a vegetable peeler on a regular bar of soap, you can make individual pieces.

10. Campfire Cones

11. Pocket-Sized Oil Lamp

Have leftover travel-sized bottles? You can repurpose them into portable oil lamps.

12. Hard and Waxed-Packaged Cheeses

Want cheese on your trip but are worried about spoilage? Cheeses in waxed packaging, like Babybel, or hard cheeses, like Gruyere, can keep up to a week without refrigeration. 

13. Portable Fire Starters

By dipping some cotton pads into wax, you have an easy way to start fires.

14. Microfiber Towels

Super absorbent, light, and can easily clean delicate things such as screens and glasses without scratching them. 

15. Campfire Panini Press

I know what you're thinking: "I don't need one." Yes, you do. Have toasted sandwiches whenever you want. 

16. Doritos Fire Starter

If you want an easy way to start a fire, you can use Doritos. Yes, it does mean you have to sacrifice your chips, but you also get to stay warm.

17. Portable First-Aid Kit

When camping, you never know what's going to happen, so it's a worthwhile investment to create portable first-aid kits. You can use old prescription bottles or an Altoids tin. 
References from: Diply


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