Wednesday, 9 April 2014

1. Using two bowls to cut corn off the cob will make it stay in place.

2. Core an iceberg lettuce instantly by smashing it on your counter.

3. Use the bottom of a sharp knife to (carefully) pit an avocado! 

4.Cube avocados right in the skin.

5. The easiest way to cut up a watermelon. 

6. Peel a Kiwi quickly and easily with a spoon from the inside out.

7. Microwave corn with the husk still on and it will slip right out.

8. To easily clean your cheese grater, coat it first with a non-stick spray!

9. Apple slicers cut potatoes in perfect pieces quickly!

10. Boil potatoes with their skin on and then slide off the skin easily after dipping them in ice cold water.

11. Use a paper clip to pit cherries easily.

12. Make your own whipped cream by shaking it in a mason jar.

13. If you need to peel a lot of boiled eggs, shake them all at once in the pot. 

14. Peel Ginger with a spoon in a jiffy.

References from: Diply


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