Sunday, 12 January 2014

What you need:
- 17 pieces Red Pockets
- Red String
- Other Accessories

1. Fold 17 pieces red pocket as the picture shown.

2. Attach each red pocket as below

3. Attach 5 red pockets become a star sharp, make 2 sets.

4. Take another 2 red pockets and attach as the picture shown. Make 2 sets.

5. Take another red pocket, stick a paper on the center of the red pocket as showed at below. Make a hole on the center of the red pocket that allow the string go through.

6. Arrange the red pockets as shown in the picture. Then attach with each other accordingly.

7. After attached all part, you will see a big hole at the bottom.

8. Use the rest of 2 red pockets to cover the big hole.

9. Fold each triangles and attach it as shown in the picture.

10. Tight a string at the bottom of the hear sharp

11. Decorate the lantern with some accessories.


References from:  我的幸福乐园


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