Sunday, 12 January 2014

 What you need:
- 60 small size red pockets.
- 18 manila cards.
- Red strings
- Gold color tape
- Other accessories

1. Insert 6 manila cards into 6 red pockets and selefon tape to attach as the picture shown.

2. Insert another 12 manila cards into 12 red pockets. Line up 12 red pockets with manila cards into 2 row (each row 6 pieces). Attach all red pockets with another folded red pockets without manila cards at the top of the row as shown in the picture by using selefon tape.

3. Attach both parts into octagon shape.

4. Attach the top part of the lantern.

5. Put a red string on the top.

6. Fold 12 pieces red pockets into this shape.

7. Attach it as shown in the picture by using glue.

8. Fold the rest of the 24 pieces red pockets into this shape.

9. Attach all folded red pockets as shown in the pictures.

10. Decorate the lantern with gold color tape.

11. Decorate the lantern with some accessories.

12. Clip each triangles as shown in the picture.


References from: 我的幸福乐园


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