Thursday, 12 December 2013

- exacto knife
- scissors
- packing tape
- hot glue gun
- spray paint
- strand of round outdoor lights (target carries them by their lamps)
- poster board
- foam core

1. Draw & cut out HALF a heart template with newspaper onto the foam core. Trace it, flip, and trace the other side. This will ensure that both sides are even.

2. Cut out with an exacto knife.

3.  Trim it down when it looks a bit too curvaceous for your liking 

4.  Onto the BACKSIDE of the heart, sketch a line about two inches in - all the way around - and then measure the holes you will cut for the light bulbs. Make sure they're not too close together! You can use the cardboard the lights come on to see how far apart they should be. 

5.  Cut holes out using your exacto knife. This is one of the time consuming steps. Cut the poster board into long strips, about 5 inches wide.  Glue them together with the TEEEENSIEST bit of overlap with the hot glue gun. You can reinforce the top or under side with tape if you'd like. You'll have one, long strip at this point. Place the poster board around the heart,  make folds where needed ((for the point at the bottom and indention at the top)), and cut about two-three inches longer than needed. This gives a bit of excess if you mess up.

6. Glue the foam core heart onto the poster board. It should"sit" about two inches deep. Reinforce in the back with packing tape.

7.  Spray paint it. I chose rustoleum that is a bronze-y brown that gives a hammered look. I wanted it to be a little rusty rather than super girly...which my original choice of coral would have been. 

8.  Put the lightbulbs in from the front. 
Twist them into their fuses/bases from the back. 

9.  LIGHT IT UP!!!! Hang where you want and plug in an extension cord that blends with the wall. 

References from: Oh, sweet joy!


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