Monday, 23 December 2013

  • 4-5 cups of your favorite white cake batter (prepared)
  • 6 bowls
  • 6 assorted colors of food dye
  • 2 9" cake pans

1. Make sure you have prepared your white cake batter.
2. Grease your pans.
3. Divide your cake batter evenly between your 6 bowls. You can do this by using a measuring cup or weighing out the batter.

 4. Drop your dye in the bowls. Adjust to desired colored.

5. Add your first batter to the pan. 

6. Add your next color to the middle of the pan. Make sure you slowly pour the batter.

7. Continue with your next color.

8. Now follow the same steps for the last 3 colors with your second cake pan.

9. Bake according to your cake recipe's directions.


References from: Diply


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