Monday, 23 December 2013

Step 1: Polish your pennies in a bowl with Tarn-X, dump them into a colander in the sink, rinse them well, place them on a towel to completely dry.

Step 2: You need a table with a flat surface to glue your pennies to. Clamp a metal ruler down to use as a straight edge as a guide for where to glue your pennies.

Step 3: This step is time consuming but the final product is worth it! Dab super glue to the back of every individual penny and stick them on the table, making sure to use the ruler guide to make even lines of the pennies.

Step 4: In a small room, lay a large plastic cover on the floor. Set your table on saw horses. Make sure the air is clean. (no pet hair, dust, etc.) Close the vent is possible. Pour on Epoxy and once it spreads a bit by itself, start tipping the table slightly so that it spreads to all of the edges.

Step 5: Once the Epoxy levels itself out all over the table, take a blow torch, use it over the surface, keeping the flame 6 inches away. This will get rid of the bubbles, creating a flat, smooth finish.

Step 6: Leave to dry for two days and you're finished! A beautiful table made from pennies! :)
References from: Diply, Epbot


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