Sunday, 13 July 2014

1. Freeze grapes to chill wine instead of ice cubes 

2.  We've all been there

3.  Clean out your keyboard with a sticky note

4. This trick will show you where the hole in your tire is

5. Boom! Home-made ice cream sandwich made easy 

6. How to waterproof your shoes?

7. A guide to the ultimate BLT

8.  When charging your phone, put it in Airplane mode

9.  Use a cleaned out sunscreen bottle to hide your valuables at the beach!

10.  YES! The best idea, ever!

11. This is amazing

12.  The "ninja fold"...this changes everything 

14.  Camping hack

Strap a headlamp to a jug of water for a source of light.

15.  BBQs forever changed for the better

16. Mind blown

16.  Iced coffee, anyone?

17.  Finally, the perfect guide to avocados 

18. Very useful 

How to get your daily intake of water.

19. Don't have enough storage for pots and pans? Think again

20.  The ultimate tomato hack 

21. No-drip Popsicle 

22.  Pet hair no more

Use a squeegee to collect pet hair from your carpet

23. Use a razor to get the fuzzies off of your clothe

24. DIY iPhone speakers

References from: Diply


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