Monday, 19 May 2014

1. Use aluminum foil as a dryer sheet

Ball up two sheets of aluminum foil and throw it in your dryer for static-free clothes.

2. Use aluminum foil to polish silver

Use baking soda, salt, aluminum foil, and boiling water to easily clean up tarnished silver.

3. Protect your door handles while painting with aluminum foil

Wrap aluminum foil around your door handle to keep it free from splatter and accidental painting.

4. Remove rust from metal with aluminum foil and water

Rip a piece of foil in squares, dip in foil, and then start rubbing. Watch the rust disappear!

5. Seal plastic bags with aluminum foil and an iron

Keep food from spoiling with this simple trick.

6. Easily dispose of cooking grease with aluminum foil

Pour the grease from the pan into a bowl lined with aluminum foil. Once it hardens, close the foil up and throw it out.

7. Run out of AA batteries? Use AAA batteries and a bit of aluminum foil

Use the foil on the '+' ends of the battery.

8. Use aluminum foil to clean your grill without chemicals

Ball up a sheet of aluminum foil, and use your tongs to scrape off the char. 

9. Use aluminum foil to curl pin-straight hair with a flat iron

The foil will help heat the hair and keep it curled longer.

10. Use aluminum foil to keep your bananas from browning too quickly

Wrap aluminum foil around the stems of your bananas to keep them from ripening right away.

11. Use aluminum foil to protect your pie crust

Wrap aluminum foil around the outside of your pie crust to keep it from burning.

12. Scrub stubborn pots and pans with aluminum foil

Ball up some foil and use it to scrub off baked-on messes. Caution: do not try this with non-stick pots and pans!

13. Use aluminum foil to sharpen your scissors

Are your scissors feeling a little dull? Make cuts into a sheet of aluminum foil and it should be good as new.

14. Move heavy furniture with aluminum foil

Slide aluminum foil under the corners and it should be able to slide with ease into its new home.

15. Cut your ironing time in half with aluminum foil

Place a long strip of aluminum foil on your ironing board under the cover. Now, in one easy step you'll be able to iron both the front and the back of your garment thanks to the foil's heat absorbing properties.

16. Reheat soggy pizza on the stove with a frying pan and aluminum foil

Place your pizza on the frying pan, and cover in an aluminum foil dome. Turn your stove up to medium and you should have crisp and delicious reheated pizza in no time.

17. Need a makeshift funnel? Use aluminum foil.

In a pinch, aluminum foil can be rolled up into a funnel.
References from: Diply


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