Sunday, 18 May 2014

Remote Controls and Velcro Idea

Always losing the remote controls? Keep them organized using some pieces of Velcro. You can attach them in practical places as the coffee table or the TV. This will keep them safe and always at hand when you need them!

Rugs and Velcro Idea

Rugs can be an easy trap in houses with small kids and old people. If you don’t want to give up of your rugs but at same time have a safely place for your family a nice idea is using Velcro to secure them in the correct place. This idea is also perfect for people with dogs that love playing with rugs and leave a mess around the house!

Labels and Velcro Idea

A nice way to keep your house organized and tidy is placing things inside drawer and boxes. However, looking for something when you need it can waste much time. A way of solving this is labeling the places with some tags. Use Velcro to attach the tags on your furniture and boxes and avoid them to be damage with glue.

Cables and Velcro Idea

Computer, cellphones, tablets… lots of electronic devices also mean lots of cables! Avoid the dirty and the mess around your house holding the excess of cable with some stripes of Velcro. You can also use different Velcro colors to identify which cable is from which device.

Bathroom and Velcro Idea

Not much space in the bathroom but lots of objects and products to keep? Use some plastic containers and pieces of Velcro to organize everything. You can attach them inside the cupboard or even on the wall next to the sink. This idea will double the space you have inside your bathroom!

Curtains and Velcro Idea

An easy and cheap way to straighten your curtains as you want is using Velcro to help you! You can fasten them easily and even attach a blackout behind them only using some stripes of Velcro.
References from: so creative things


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