Wednesday, 28 May 2014

1. Carpet Alarm Clock

Have trouble waking up in the morning? This carpet alarm will only turn off if you get up and put your feet on it. Problem solved.

2. Aluminum Foil Dryer Sheet

While this won't leave your clothes as soft as commercial fabric softeners, it's better for the earth, saves money, and better for you since you're minimizing your exposure to chemicals.

3. Boil Buoy 

A reason a lot of people like a kettle is because it lets you know when your water is boiling. By using this, you'll know when you water is boiling in anything, like pots.

4. Soup & Cracker Mug

Are you an avid soup and cracker eater? This is perfect for you. The mug has a spot just to hold your crackers.

5. Broom Groomer

One thing I hate about sweeping--especially when I have two, fluffy, hair-shedding cats--is hair, dust, and other buildup on my broom. By using the Broom Groomer, you clean it while you use it. 

6. Deadbolt with Fingerprint Scanner

While not particularly necessary, make life easier and flashier by having a lock with a fingerprint scanner.

7. The Floor Plan Light Switch

Can you never remember which light switch turns on what? This is mapped out entirely to your floor plan, so you know exactly where you're turning a light on.

8. Collapsible Grater

Nothing eats up more useful space than a box grater. By switching to the collapsible version, you save plenty of space.

9. Pop-Out Outlet

When you aren't using an outlet, just simply push it in. It's more aesthetically pleasing and great for a home with kids.

10. Switchhooks

One-part light switch, one-part hook: one thing that has two functions, which is a great way to improve organization without taking up any extra space on the wall.

11. In-Cupboard Magazine Holder

Need extra space plus better organization? Add a magazine holder to the inside of your cupboards.

12. DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar

Hate using cotton swabs but also don't want to waste money on a polish remover jar? Just make your own.

13. Solar-Powered BBQ

This BBQ is portable, environmentally friendly, and it's great for apartments or people with small outdoor spaces.

14. Solar-Powered Step Lights

Want extra lighting so you know where you're stepping but don't want to waste energy? Get some solar-powered step lights.

15. Taco Plate

Are you an avid taco fan but hate that they just won't stand up? Get this plate. 

16. Scented Oils For A Fresher Bathroom

Need to freshen up your bathroom in an affordable, unnoticeable manner? Put a few drops of scented oils in your toilet paper roll. Every time someone uses it, you'll get a burst of freshness.

17. USB Outlet

Don't occupy your precious, limited outlets with USB converters anymore. Just get this simple, affordable add-on.
References from: Diply


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