Sunday, 25 May 2014

1. Shrunken shirt ? Try this

Place the shirt in warm water and mix in hair conditioner, leaving it for about five minutes. You should be able to stretch it back to its original size.

2. Don't carry around a messy bag or backpack

Stay organized by choosing the specific items you need for the day, opposed to carrying around a bag that is full of junk. Trust me, the minimalist approach is the way you want to go.

3. Smelly feet? You can fix that... ASAP.

You can put newspaper in your shoes and it will absorb the moisture (and the smell that goes with it). Baby Power also works, but is a bit more messy.

4.  No more piles 

Stop throwing your pants on top of one another, because you will only make a mess looking for the pair your want. If you stack pants in a drawer, it looks better and is more efficient.

5.  Shave your sweaters

Razors will come in handy when you need to de-fuzz a sweater. Women's razors may work better because they are more dull and won't damage the material.

6. Read the instructions 

For some reason, some men don't like taking direction - but when it comes to your clothes, just do what you're told.

7. Pick your clothes up off the floor 

Make your own stylish clothing rack, it will keep things organized and you'll get bonus points for being design conscious.

8. Inside-out suit fold 

When you are packing a suit, fold it inside out for less wrinkles.

9. Savile-row-fold

Don't just drape your dress pants over a hanger, it will create a crease and are bound to fall off - to avoid this, follow the fold steps below.

10. Hang dry Oxford shirts 

If you want to be that casual prepster, ditch the iron. In this case, wrinkles aren't hurting anyone. 

11. Donate old clothes 

When you wear something, put it back in your closet with the hanger turned forward. At the end of the year, whatever hangers are still facing backwards, donate it to a clothing drive. 

The golden rule to avoid becoming a hoarder: If you haven't worn it in a year, you probably aren't going to wear it again.

12. Don't own an iron ?

No problem, use fabric softener and vinegar to spray on clothes to diminish the wrinkles.

13. Lost a drawstring ?

This happens way to often, and nothing is worse than a sweater with half a drawstring hanging out. Grab a straw, push the drawstring into the straw and staple it. Pull the drawstring back to where it belongs.
References from: Diply


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