Saturday, 4 January 2014

 1. Using a larger circle cookie cutter, cut out circles from rolled sugar dough. Then with a smaller cookie cutter, cut out the middle of a couple of the circles. Bake according to sugar cookie direction.

2. After they are completely cooled, ice the top cookie. I used a mixture of powdered sugar and a little bit of milk for the white icing. The red icing is Wilton Sparkle Gel piped around the edges. You can add the red piping before or after you ice the cookie. 

3. To make the compartment to store the sprinkles, you will need to stack three cookies so the cookie with a hole in it is in the middle. Use the icing to connect the cookies.

4. You will need to let the icing completely harden before writing on the clock numbers. 

References from: Repeat Crafter Me


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