Sunday, 31 August 2014

1. Squeeze makeup in a tube into a plastic container, you'll get more out of the product for your dollar

2. DIY Dry Shampoo 

3. Mascara can double as eye liner 

4. How to get rid of split ends 

If you twist your hair, the frayed ends will stick out

5. How to fix a broken fingernail 

6.  A DIY makeup brush cleaner 

See instructions here

7.  Create wavy hair by braiding it and then running a flat iron over the braid 

8. DIY Lip Stain

9. Bags under your eyes? 

10. A toothbrush tames frizzy hair

Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and run it through your flyaway pieces.

11. When curling your hair, start in the middle

Your curls will last longer.

12.  Use Vaseline to hold your eyebrow hairs in place

13. The ultimate guide to contouring 

14. Double pony tail trick

15. Bobby pin etiquette 

References from: Diply


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