Thursday, 21 August 2014

1. Use Frozen Grapes Instead Of Ice Cubes To Keep From Watering Down Your Wine

2. You Can Reduce Red Wine Stains Fast With White Wine And Table Salt

3. Wrap Rubber Bands Around Your Glass At Events To Keep Track Of Your Wine

4. Aerate Your Wine By Blending It For Approximately 30 Seconds

5. Freeze Wine In Ice Trays To Be Used With Future Bottles Or Made Into A Wine Slushy

6. When Travelling With Wine, Wrap The Bottle In A Sock, Wine Koozie Or A Child's Pool Floaty For Protection

7. To Quick Chill Your Wine Wrap It In Wet Paper Towel And Put It In The Freezer For 10 Minutes

8. You Can Use A Serrated Knife To Remove A Cork If You Insert It and Slowly Twist And Pull

9. Adding Fruits To Your Wine,Such As Pineapple, Can Give A Whole New Great Taste To Your Wine

10. Finally A Helpful Guide To Knowing Your Wine

References from: Diply


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