Sunday, 22 June 2014

1. Dusty Lampshades
If you find lampshades hard to dust like I do, use a pet hair clean up tool to make them easy to clean.

2. Spilled Paint
The next time you spill paint on the carpet, don’t worry about tearing it all out – use this method to get it all clean.

3. Grease Stains
Those grease stains on your clothes aren’t permanent – use chalk to get them out.

4. Flat Screen + Crayon
Did your child ruin your television with crayons? Never fear – you can remedy the situation with WD-40.

5. Cleaning Baseboards
Baseboards get dusty, and the best way to clean them is to use a supply you likely already have on hand.

6. Front Load Washers
Front load washers can get moldy and smelly – find out how to resolve this unfortunate situation.

7. Smelly Disposal
Lemons and ice cubes are perfect for deodorizing your disposal naturally.

8. Dirty Shower Head
How do you clean a dirty shower head with soap scum and build up? Use vinegar (it works on the fixtures, too!)

9. Stove Burners
This no-scrub method of cleaning burners uses ammonia and takes a little patience (but is completely worth it!).

10. Sparkling Granite
This simple solution to shining up your granite countertop will cost you only pennies.

11. Grout Cleaner
Use bleach and baking soda to make an awesome paste that restores your grout to new.

12. Clean Your Dishwasher
All the nooks and crannies of a dishwasher can get dirty and clogged – this tutorial will show you how to make it look new again.

13. Microwave Steam Treatment
Even caked on crap in your microwave will disppear just by using vinegar.

14. Scratched Plates
If your light colored plates have scrapes on them, you can use a mild abrasive cleanser to restore them to new.

15. Rusty Knives
If time in the dishwasher has given your knives a little, use this simple solution to remove it.

16. No Streaks
Use a homemade recipe and newspaper to get your windows looking like they were cleaned by professionals.

17. Dusty Screens
A coffee filter can be used to clean dust off of all of your dirty LCD screens.

18. Nail Polish Spill
You don’t have to throw yourself off of a bridge if a nail polish bottle breaks – just use a magic eraser and nail polish remover.
References from: DIY Candy


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