Saturday, 26 April 2014

1. Add marshmallows to your brown sugar to keep it soft

The molasses in brown sugar can evaporate over time, but a couple of marshmallows will keep it moist.

2. Use marshmallows to cure a sore throat

The gelatin in marshmallows can help soothe the pain and make you feel better.

3. Stuff marshmallows at the bottom of your ice cream cones

Stop the messy drips with this clever trick.

4. Don't have time to frost your cupcakes? Use marshmallows

Five minutes before your cupcakes are done, place a marshmallow on each one for easy frosting! They'll melt all ooey-gooey and delicious.

5. Use marshmallows for letter recognition and sensory play

Marshmallows are an easy building material for making letters, sorting, and snacking on!

6. Use marshmallows as spacers for pedicures

When you've lost your toe spacer, marshmallows make an excellent substitute.

7. Use marshmallows as edible glue

When you don't want to use frosting to adhere decorations, melt a marshmallow! You can also make marshmallow fondant too.
References from: Diply


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