Friday, 25 April 2014

1. Pack properly and save tons of space

2. The day before you travel, exercise a lot to avoid jet lag

3. To avoid tangled necklaces, thread your delicate necklaces through a straw.

4. A lot of planes have a hook to hang your things in front of you

5. Don't let your dirty shoes touch your clean clothes. Pack them in a plastic shower cap.

6. Pack a light-weight scarf in case it gets cold

7. Keep your clothes smelling great by placing a dryer sheet at the bottom

8. Contact lens boxes are good for storing makeup on the go for some makeup touch-ups on the plane

9. Hide some emergency money in a lip balm

10. Don't lose earrings by placing them in a button!

11. Left turns in the security line gets you out faster

12. Hide wine with shoes

References from: Diply


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