Tuesday, 8 July 2014

1. Turn the last bit of nut butter or chocolate sauce into a delicious drink

Add milk to the jar and give it a stir for a tasty treat that uses up every last bit.

2. Turn your last bit of mayo into salad dressing

Add olive oil, spices, and fresh herbs to the jar and give it a shake. Instant salad dressing!

3. Make banana bread using overripe bananas

You can even pop your overripe bananas in the freezer until you have enough for your favorite recipe.

4. Freeze your leftover fresh herbs in olive oil

When you have so many herbs that you don't know what to do with, don't let them go bad. Use this trick instead - it's great for recipes that call for oil to start.

5. Store your all-natural nut butters upside down

All-natural butters separate and leave a thick line of oil at the top of the jar. By storing the nut butter upside down, the oil will be at the bottom of the jar, so when the jar's done, there won't be ooey-gooey nut butter stuck to the bottom.

6. Coat measuring cups with oil before measuring sticky substances

Stop wasting maple syrup and honey! Use this simple trick to get the most out of your sticky syrups.

7. Make croutons out of stale bread

Stop throwing out stale bread! They make seriously great croutons.

8. Rinse berries in vinegar to prevent mold

Your berries will keep for longer, and don't worry, they won't taste like vinegar!

9. Don't store your onions and potatoes together

It makes them sprout faster. Instead, store your potatoes with one apple to prevent early sprouting. The next hack will show you a better way to store your onions.

10. Store your onions in pantyhose

This way, they can last as long as eight months!

11. Keep bananas fresher by wrapping the stems in plastic wrap

Stop your bananas from browning too quickly with this genius trick.
References from: Diply


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