Saturday, 1 March 2014

1. Use cute icons to label kids’ drawers.

2. Organize your kid’s — or heck, your own — clothes by days of the week!

3. Assign different seasons of clothes different color hangers in your closet.

4. Use hanger tabs to separate clothes into daily outfits

5. Use hanging boot and bag racks to save space and storage room.

6. Or use pants hangers to keep boots off the floor.

7. Invest in writeable tags.

8. Tired of searching endlessly for matching sheet sets?

9. Need a spot to store your shoes? Try PVC piping!

10. You can also affix the PVC tubes to the wall as neat hanging racks.

11. Or, you can use cut PVC for storing scarves, belts, or ties in drawers.

12. Keep a hanger stand in your laundry room so you can easily rehang clean clothes.

13. Sick of piles of shoes on the bottom of your closet? Create shoe hangers.

14. Double your closet space instantly by using soda can tabs to hook hangers together.

15. Add-on skirt and pant hangers allow you to waterfall clothes and save space.

16. No closet space? Try Huggable Hangers, ultra-slim hangers that’ll help you get extra inches out of your closet.

17. Lingerie drawer organizers help keep your undergarments on the straight and narrow.

18. Invest in three-bag laundry bin to allow for pre-sorting laundry.

19. Ladders offer a rustic way to decoratively store the things that won’t fit in your closet.

20. Clipboards are a stylish, artful way to display your coolest statement necklaces.

References from: Buzz Feed


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