Tuesday, 4 March 2014

1. Putting your phone into Airplane Mode will charge your phone TWICE as fast

2. Extra zero? Swipe right to remove it!

3. Travelling abroad? Use Google Maps OFFLINE. Simply zoom into a map area then type "ok maps" into the search box, which will give you the data despite no connectivity.

4. Want less strain on your eyes, especially at night? Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors

5. Have too many favorite apps to fit on the dock? Just drag a folder there!

6. Space two times = a period. 

7. Make your iPad more comfortable with a THUMB keyboard. Simply swipe across the keyboard.

8. Add a phone number pause. Simply hold the asterisk (*) after the number then a comma will appear. Add another number. This is great for when you call a number with an extension.

9. You can close more than ONE app at once. Just use three fingers, which means three apps closed at once.

10. You can use most Bluetooth keyboards with your iPhone, turning it into a mini word processor.

11. Purposely misspelling a word will make the contraction appear, increasing your typing speed!

12. While your calculator is open, turn your phone sideways and it turns into a scientific calculator.

13. You can use your camera WITHOUT entering your password. Simply swipe the camera icon.
Reference from: Diply


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